3rd Grade Overview

  • Better communicators: both orally and in written language
  • Develop Speech skills by preparing presentation of Storybook
  • Develop organizational skills: introduce daily planner and organizational binder
  • Cursive Handwriting introduced
  • Prepare for Stewardship Mass in February (focused on school theme for current year)
  • Prayers learned and recited: The Apostles’ Creed; Gloria; Come Holy Spirit
  • Conduct family interviews and experience Family Cultural Presentations
  • Stewardship Project: sending letters to U.S. soldiers serving oversees
  • Enhance leadership skills by working with Kindergarten buddies

3rd Grade Standards


  • Learn about the Holy Trinity through Scripture and Tradition
  • Learn and understand the Creed, a statement of our Catholic belief
  • Recognize the presence of Christ through Liturgical Celebrations and the Sacraments
  • Experience and practice various forms of prayer

Language Arts:

  • Reading Strategies
  • Determine meaning of words and phrases used in all text
  • Describe characters in a story (traits/feelings) and explain how their actions contribute to sequence of events
  • Determine main idea and key details in informational text

Writing Skills:

  • Develop and strengthen skills on planning, revising, and editing
  • Conduct short research project that builds knowledge about topic
  • Language – demonstrate knowledge of English language and its conventions when writing, speaking, reading, and listening


  • Learn concept of multiplication and division
  • Solve real-world word problems using all operations
  • Understand concept of fractions
  • Recognize and understand concepts of area and perimeter
  • Fluently add and subtract numbers within 1,000


Life Science:

  • Learn about the impact environmental changes have on organisms
  • Expand knowledge of plants and animals and learn that they depend on each other and on nonliving resources in their ecosystems to survive

Physical Science:

  • Learn how forces change the motion of objects
  • Learn to identify several different forms of energy

Social Studies:

  • Civics – Applies the key ideas of unity and diversity within a community (we contribute our own diverse culture in the classroom)
  • Geography – Uses maps and globes to study the physical, political, and cultural characteristics of places, regions, and people in America
  • History – Understand how various cultural groups have shaped the history of the community and world
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